Brazil’s reuse set to surge says São Paolo water chief

Water reuse in Brazil is poised for “strong growth” in response to a tightening water crisis according to the country’s largest water company. Currently only 0.1% of Brazil’s water is produced by reuse.

In São Paulo, water reuse is close to 2% and could increase to 25% in a decade, according to president of São Paulo water utility Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo (Sabesp) Gesner de Oliveira.

According to Sabesp’s research and development officer Américo Sampaio, a lack of tax incentives for water reuse and the slow modernization of public water systems have added to delays in water reuse in Brazil,

Sampaio predicted that water reuse will see a strong growth in Brazil as a result of the current water crisis. He said one of the main concerns, however, was the lack of appropriate and clear regulations, which prevents companies from investing in systems that might not be allowed in the future.