Biwater picks up two desalination deals in California

Water project company, Biwater, is soon to begin work on contracts for the design, supply and supervision of installation of reverse osmosis (RO) equipment of two desalination expansion projects in California.

Biwater was awarded contacts for the Chino Desalter Phase 3 Expansion Plan in Chino and the Goldsworthy Desalter Expansion Project in Torrance.

The Chino expansion works will increase the facility’s membrane treatment capacity by 7.2 Ml/d. The expansion supports The Chino Desalter Phase 3 Expansion Plan, which will provide operational flexibility and efficiency.

“The project will help the Chino Basin watermaster achieve hydraulic control of the Chino Basin to reduce or eliminate migration of brackish groundwater from the southern section of the basin into the Santa Ana River. The project will also address salinity issues that could limit future use of recycled water in the Chino Basin,” said Biwater.

At the Torrance facility, Biwater will add 9.2 Ml/d in treatment capacity to Goldsworthy Desalter, to reduce the need for imported water. The project complements other initiatives in the region aimed at improving supply reliability.

“Biwater is considered a partner of choice for such expansion projects, with the company’s extensive experience in desalination and membrane treatment in North America,” said president of Biwater’s Desalination and Membrane Treatment Sector, Jorg Menningmann.

Biwater’s work on the projects will include testing and start up. The systems will be delivered semi-assembled and incorporate energy recovery.