Bangalore strategic plan contract goes to CH2M

India’s Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has selected CH2M to develop a strategic plan for the city of Bengaluru to assist in its water and wastewater infrastructure needs to 2050.

In its plan, Preparation of Vision and Strategic Master Plan for Water Supply, Sewerage System & Asset Management,, CH2M recommended operational moves in which BWSSB to manage water resources, plan water infrastructure projects and achieve long-term environmental, social and economic improvements.

Bengaluru’s population has grown rapidly during the past 20 years putting water supplies and infrastructure under acute stress. to some 10 million with a projected figure of greater than 25 million by 2050.

CH2M global water business group president, Greg McIntyre, said: “We are looking forward to helping our client develop a holistic plan that balances the city’s water and wastewater service and infrastructure needs with its forecasted growth, as well as prepare a water infrastructure strategy and master plan which can be used as a model for other Indian cities in the future.”

CH2M said the finalized, plan was expected to “promote optimal and integrated use of water resources, promote best practices in water and wastewater infrastructure services and asset management and identify potential alternative sources of water, along with a road map to involve the community in preserving and promoting the city’s water resources.”