Anlayst forecasts desalination to double in under five years

Global desalination revenues will more than double to top US$ 19 million by 2019 reflecting a similar surge in the numbers of facilities according to a report by market analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

In its report, Analysis of global desalination market, F&S has predicted that the sector’s market revenues will reach US$ 19.1 billion in 2019 from US$ 11.7 billion in 2015 . It said also that the number of desalination plants in operation in 150 countries -  at more than 17,000 worldwide - will increase 100% by 2020.

F&St foresees the transformation of desalination into a widely accepted, long-term response as droughts grow more intense. It predicts also that desalination technology firms will capitalize from the growth by developing more efficient solutions to the problems associated with drought.

While a number of desalination projects are under construction in the US, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Mexico, adoption is slow in other drought-struck portions of the globe.

F&S suggested that weak regulatory support is currently stalling desalination’s rise in some water-scarce regions while there is progress in a number of areas include the US, India and the Middle East. Brine disposal will remain a lead challenge until advances in technology address it fully said the report.