UV for large-scale wastewater reuse launched

A closed-vessel ultraviolet (UV) disinfection solution, optimized for large-scale wastewater treatment plants, industrial and water reuse applications has been launched by Xylem.

The Wedeco LBX 850e system has been fully validated according to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s UV Disinfection Guidance Manual and the National Water Research Institute guidelines by Carollo Engineers.

While validation is the norm for drinking water treatment systems, it is relatively rare for wastewater solutions. Wedeco launched the first UVDGM compliant vessels for wastewater applications in 2010.

Dr Bertrand Dussert, global UV business manager at Xylem said, “To further extend its capacity range, Xylem will launch the LBX 1500e this autumn 2013. Along with the LBX 850e this new system will strengthen our portfolio in the higher flow rate ranges and meet an increasing demand for large-scale water reuse projects.”