Spiral Water puts in solids performance

Difficult-to-treat water filtration specialist, Spiral Water Technologies, has extended the application of its technology into solids management.

The company said its extended filter system: “offers a new waste management strategy that could prove valuable to the food and beverage sector, as well as other companies with high solids processing issues”.

Spiral Water’s latest filter system integrates its automatic self-cleaning filter with proprietary sensor set up that measures build-up of solids electronically and activates a valve to purge them.

“Because Spiral Water’s patented automatic filtration technology allows one-pass low micron filtration, requiring no backwash or crossflow, the high and variable solids are automatically concentrated and purged in the process. This enables easy solids recovery and management, and the major reduction in diluted wastewater can significantly lower clean-up expenses,” the company said.

Spiral Water said its system reduces capital and operating costs in replacing centrifuges and other de-watering systems. In recent demonstrations, the new system converted a waste stream from less than 1% solids into 65% solids by volume, the company claimed. And separately, the system, according to Spiral Water, eliminated a fruit juice producer’s costly centrifuge process, protected the flavour of the product, and concentrated the nutrient-rich byproduct into a potentially saleable commodity. 

“There is a lot of growth and interest in the de-watering space,” said Spiral Water’s chief technology officer, David Levitt. “Companies are charged for all the physical matter they’re disposing. Any opportunity to concentrate solids, reduce wastewater and reduce footprints is valuable, and that’s exactly what Spiral Water’s one-pass filtration does well. We can often produce better concentration for half the cost of other systems.”