PWT tie up heralds Saudi market push

H2O Innovation is forecasting a drive into the Saudi Arabian desalination chemicals market following its recent deal with provider of specialty chemicals for water and wastewater treatment plants, Chemsbro, whose main customers include the Water and Electricity Ministry of Saudi Arabia, National Water Company, and the Saudi Industrial Property Authority.

Following the signing of its distribution agreement between its specialized chemicals subsidiary PWT and Chemsbro, H2O Innovation’s vice president, specialty products and services, Gregory Madden, said: “We are positioning ourselves to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest desalination market. Saudi Arabia differentiates itself by its wastewater reuse market, which is the third largest in the world.

“Through our unique specialty products for both desalination and wastewater reuse, we are confident to capitalize on those opportunities. We see a lot of potential to repeat our global success story in Saudi Arabia with the support of our partner Chemsbro.”

Chemsbro recently won a three-year contract with Saudi capital, Riyadh, to supply services and specialty chemicals for seven water treatment plants, which provide about 30% of the water in the city. The contract was “a great opportunity for PWT to get its products used in major water treatment plants of Saudi Arabia,” said PWT. And Chemsbro has received stocking orders of PWT’s SpectraGuard antiscalant to be deployed in seawater desalination plants in Saudi Arabia.

“This partnership will allow PWT to enter the Saudi market and benefit from the competitive edge that Chemsbro enjoys in the public and private sectors. For its part, Chemsbro will benefit from the experience and research and development capabilities of PWT in the membrane-based desalination industry,” said Chemsbro chief executive officer, Nizar Kammourie.

Chemsbro is a member of SBCC Water Group that includes SAWACO-Water Desalination and Suido Kiko Middle East. It is headquartered in Jeddah.