NSF approval for green RO antiscalant

CarboxyMethyl Inulin (CMI) has received standard certification from NSF International and the American National Standards Institute allowing Carboxyline® 25-40 UP to be used as a reverse-osmosis antiscalant in drinking water production in the US.

Cosun Biobased Products (featured in D&WR February/March 2011), announcing the certification on 7 July 2011, says it follows KIWAATA certification in the Netherlands.

Carboxyline® 25-40 UP was extensively tested in a drinking-water RO plant in the Netherlands using groundwater and passed the test successfully. Scaling was prevented with a lower ppm dosage than the alternative products.

Furthermore, no biofouling was detected resulting in fewer cleaning operations, less energy consumption and less downtime. The full-scale test also demonstrated that CMI has low operational costs, says Cosun.

Carboxyline® 25-40 UP is a green alternative to traditional RO antiscalants. CMI is inherently biodegradable, non-persistent and largely renewable.