Metawater launches North American business

Metawater, a joint venture established in 2008 by merging the water treatment divisions of Japan’s Fuji Electric and NGK Insulators, announced at the start of the San Antonio event that it was launching Metawater USA Inc.

The company, aimed at USA and Canada, will focus on providing water treatment and reclamation technology equipment and engineering services.

Fuji Electric Corp of America entered the North America water treatment and reclamation market in the late 1990s with the introduction of the MicroGap™ ozone process control technology and has provided it for disinfection and taste- and odor-removal for municipalities in Boston, San Diego, Orlando and Ontario. The 900 MGD (3.4 million m³/d) MicroGap ozone facility in Wylie, Texas, slated to start up in 2013, is the largest ozone treated drinking water facility in the world.

Metawater USA Inc represents the first major step to expand Metawater’s presence worldwide, providing MicoGap and also high-flux ceramic membrane filtration (installed in more than 100 facilities around the world) and high-rate combined sewer overflow.

Yuichiro Shinoda, sales manager – water treatment, for Fuji Electric Corp of America, told D&WR that the new company would be in a position to announce its US office in June or July 2013.