Four-model disinfectant electrolyzer introduced

Compact construction and a new electrolyzer cell are features of four water-disinfection systems just added to the range available from Siemens Industry Automation Division.

The Osec B-Pak tubular cell electrolyzer systems generate a 0.8% sodium hypochlorite solution from water and salt for disinfecting drinking, process and swimming-pool water.

The largest model, the OSEC B-Pak 260 system, can produce up to 5 kg/h of chlorine or 120 kg/d.

Producing the sodium hypochlorite as needed and on site eliminates the dangers involved in storing and transporting chlorine gas or commercially available sodium hypochlorite solution. As it is also cheaper to operate an OSEC B-Pak system than to buy sodium hypochlorite, the initial capital cost pays off quickly.

The newly developed systems are compact and skid-mounted to save space. They are easy to operate and designed for a long service life.

The core component is a newly designed, especially robust electrolyzer cell in a clear acrylic enclosure that produces a stable disinfectant solution. The low-concentration solution minimizes corrosion and degradation – loss of available chlorine during storage – which occurs with highly concentrated solutions containing 10-15% sodium hypochlorite.

Operational safety is enhanced thanks to the fully automated control system. Components are readily accessible and easy to clean. The systems are supplied completely pre-assembled, electrically connected and tested, and can be quickly installed and commissioned on site.