BWA to launch antiscalant dose-control program

BWA Water Additives announced on 15 October 2013 that a new Belgard® OptimaxTM program would be introduced at the International Desalination Association World Congress, being held in Tianjin, China, on 20‑25 October 2013.

The new program, which is primarily aimed at volume users of antiscalant, combines Belgard chemistries with dose-optimization and plant performance monitoring to ensure that distiller units are neither under- or overdosed.

“Our new service is the first of its kind in the desalination industry and will help large users benefit from precise dosing of high performance Belgard antiscalant to ensure the optimal balance of water production, energy savings and plant protection,” says James Argyle, group vice president for BWA’s Middle East region. “Belgard Optimax is a complete system, which really makes it better than the best desalination chemistry.”

Dr Suresh Patel, a leading world authority on speciality polymeric antiscalants, will also present a technical paper entitled Monitoring and Optimizing Belgard® EV2035 in Multi-Stage Flash Distillers during the congress, where BWA has a booth in the accompanying exhibition.