RO modeling software upgraded by NanoH2O

Reverse-osmosis (RO) membrane manufacturer NanoH2O Inc has released version 2.0 of its Q+ Projection modeling software.

Available for download on NanoH2O‘s website, the software offers new modeling options such as multi-pass designs, chemical dosing to adjust the feed stream pH levels, brine stream recirculation and partial permeate splits.

Also included is the ability to model brackish-water RO elements based on data sheet specifications. Q+ version 2.0 is both PC and Mac® compatible.

“Q+ is an innovative tool to illustrate the value of our QuantumFlux membranes,” said Nicholas Dyner, vice president of sales and marketing for NanoH2O. “Since we first launched the software, we have received very positive feedback on its usability and functionality. In addition to our commitment to lowering the cost of desalination through innovative membrane technology, we are equally dedicated to providing our customers with leading-edge tools and support.”