New pumps can detect a clog and automatically trigger clean up

Water technologists at Xylem have developed what they are calling "the world’s first pumping system with integrated intelligence."

The Flygt Concertor system senses operating conditions and adjusts its performance in real time, such as by detecting when a clog is about to occur and triggering the pump cleaning cycle. The patented software algorithm, energy minimiser, continuously monitors and controls pumps to achieve the lowest possible energy usage.


In trials at Heathrow Airport in the UK, where the Airport Water Services Department manages a network of 120 pumping stations, energy usage was reduced by 53 per cent. The cost of cleaning clogged pumps at Heathrow Central Area Sanitation Unit was cut by 88 per cent, compared to the average annual cost, following installation of the new pump system in November 2015.


“The Flygt Concertor demonstrates Xylem’s commitment to meet the future challenges of the water industry. We know that the answer to these challenges is not more components and complexity, but rather sophisticated, user-friendly pumping systems,” said Christian Wiklund, Xylem vice president, director of product development.


The new system is designed to boost efficiency and to reduce the total equipment footprint and cost of ownership.