Liquid analyser has advanced control capabilities

A liquid analyser which can be used to help control processes such as reverse osmosis in water treatment and desalination has been released by Emerson Process Management of Missouri, USA.

The Rosemount® Analytical Model 56 dual-input analyser features advanced control capabilities and a user-friendly interface – with the industry’s first high-resolution colour screen – that reduce the complexity of liquid analytical measurement

The Model 56 features extensive full-colour trend graphics, advanced control capabilities, a high-capacity data-logger and audit-trail event-logger, and digital communications.

“These capabilities make the Model 56 appropriate for power, water treatment, pharmaceutical and food processing applications that require liquid analytical measurements and need advanced control capabilities,” said Dave Anderson, marketing director, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical. “Specific applications that would benefit from the advanced capabilities include, cooling towers in the power industry, reverse osmosis in the water treatment industry, wastewater treatment in the drinking water industry, clean-in-place in the food processing industry and many others.”

Anderson continued, “At the device and in the control room, the analyser delivers extensive information about the process and its own functioning that is vital to operational decisions. Evaluation sites are already telling us that the Model 56 is going to make their life easier based on ease-of-use testimonials.”

A data and event logging capability provides extensive on-board data storage that captures measurement data for both channels every 30 seconds for 30 days, allowing on-screen trend display or download to a USB memory device. Up to 300 events are stored with real time/date stamps, including start-up times, calibrations, configuration changes, alarms, power interruptions, faults and more.

The Model 56 also features a 12-key alphanumeric keypad to support calibration, programming and tag entries.

Four independent 4-20 mA outputs can be configured for measurements or proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control. Four relays are provided with discrete capability including concentration control using high/low concentration alarms, relay timers or time proportional control, event-based activation using bleed and feed, or totaliser-based activation and time-based activation using an interval timer or two-week date-and-time timer.

The measurement capabilities of the Model 56 analyser include single or dual-measurement of pH, oxidation reduction potential, ion-selective electrodes, resistivity/conductivity, per cent concentration, total chlorine, free chlorine, monochloramine, dissolved oxygen, gaseous oxygen, dissolved ozone, turbidity, pulse flow and temperature, and accepts and scales 4-20 mA current input(s) from any device, powered or unpowered.