Lanxess promises seawater membranes for 2014

Membrane manufacturer Lanxess is looking to unveil a low-pressure desalination membrane in July with seawater membranes to follow in 2014.

The company is also hoping for NSF certification in April 2013 and is making a major investment in rethinking reverse-osmosis (RO) modelling software.

Alan Sharpe, head of RO for Lanxess, told D&WR that the company’s new modelling tool would be derived from its existing software for looking at ion-exchange (IX) systems. It would permit engineers to test the results of bolting an RO and IX system in series and would be using new indices for scaling.

At the AWWA/AMTA Membrane Conference in San Antonio, Texas, this week, the company was also promoting the membranes for strong-fouling waters already featured in D&WR.