Bench-top uv digester needs no special set-up

UK company Modern Water plc launched the UVI4000 ultraviolet (UV) digester on 4 February 2014, a quick and easy method for UV treatment of aqueous samples.

The machine eliminates organic compounds found in aqueous samples, enabling more accurate sample analysis.

The UVI4000 is a compact, competitively priced bench-top device. While other UV digesters may require protective glasses or a fume cupboard, the UVI4000 needs no special set-up or protective arrangements.

It has a direct sample input/output and is easily connected to a computer via a USB. The user-friendly control program, which displays the process as it happens, allows both the sample output volume (10-100 mL) and irradiation time (1-60 minutes) to be easily controlled.

The digester can be used with Modern Water’s portable trace metals analyser, the PDV6000ultra, or more generally for a range of analyses that may require UV sample preparation.

Neil Townend, managing director for Modern Water’s Monitoring Division, added: “We use UV in a lot of our own method verification and have received many enquiries from interested end-users. After further market research, which found nothing suitable that met our needs, we decided to develop our own cost effective solution.”