Xylem piloting reuse products in Florida and California

Xylem is shipping two containerised MiPRO Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems to Florida and California for pilot water-reuse projects.

The Florida system, being delivered in mid-December 2013, will be piloted at the Hollywood Waste & Water Treatment Plant, while the California package will be delivered to the Los Angeles County Sanitation District and Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District in mid-January 2013.

Both containers contain an identical selection of Xylem Wedeco products including: ozone, ultraviolet (UV) and Promix. Promix is WEDECO’s new AOP introduction system that permits effective treatment of unwanted contaminants, while completely controlling bromate formation.

Each unit includes: fully automatic control system; parallel or series operation of UV and ozone AOP; peroxide, ozone and UV dose-control; online dissolved ozone analysis; data trending; upstream and downstream online UVT analysis; and Ethernet connectivity.

Recent Florida legislation requires that outfall discharges to meet higher requirements by 2018, and that, by 2025, 60% of treated wastewater must be reclaimed.

High-quality treated effluent is already being used in some Florida communities for commercial irrigation as well as by homeowners as a second water supply for irrigation purposes. The purpose of the pilot program is specifically to demonstrate and benchmark various types of treatment processes for utilities and regulators in Florida.

The California pilot is a Water Reuse Research Foundation study sponsored by local utilities in Southern California to find a more economical treatment process than the current gold standard for indirect potable reuse. Xylems’ Leopold brand will also be providing a biofiltration pilot, creating an opportunity to demonstrate an integrated solution across Xylem Water Solutions brands and technologies.