Xylem extends UV disinfection series to bigger flows

Water technology company, Xylem, has launched expanded its series of Wedeco Spektron ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for drinking water to accommodate the needs of mid-to-high flow rate plants.

The two new models are suitable for drinking water sites with flow rates higher than 2,000 m³/h, Xylem says. The 2000e and 4000e models take the Spektron series to 14 systems and are most suitable for municipal drinking water treatment plants, increasing the maximum flow capacity of the series to more than 4,000 m³/h. They include low-pressure, 600 W Ecoray lamps which reducing the lamp count by up to 60%, to decrease maintenance, and energy costs.

Xylem’s UV systems product manager, Tanja Burgschwaiger, said, “Until now, plants in the mid-flow range have needed to utilize several treatment trains or other less energy efficient solutions to meet required disinfection standards. Our long-lasting Ecoray lamps deliver unmatched energy savings, particularly in dimmed mode, making the new Spektron systems an ideal solution for mid to large size drinking water plants.”

The new models are equipped with an automatic wiping system. And both include Wedeco OptiCone flow diverter at the inlet, which the companies said, ensures even flow distribution with very low headloss regardless of the upfront piping configuration.

The 2000e is currently available, while the 4000e model will be available in early 2015.

The series, including the two new models, has been certified by German DVGW[1] directives as well as the US EPA’s UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM 2006) to safeguard UV systems.