WRRF seeks info on Legionella in water-reuse

The WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF) has issued a request for proposals for carrying out its project Development of a Risk Management Strategy for Legionella in Recycled Water Systems (WateReuse-12-05).

Very little is known about the significance of the Legionella pathogen in recycled-water distribution systems and end-user sites. The WRRF says that there is a need to garner a better understanding of the drivers of Legionella growth and whether the characteristics of recycled water pose a public health risk, relative to other sources of exposure.

The primary objectives of this project are to understand and communicate the risks of exposure to Legionella via recycled water and to develop management tools and techniques for water quality managers to reduce these risks.

Proposals are due by 17 October 2012. The project manager is Stefanie McGregor.