WRF seeks proposals for two studies

The WateReuse Foundation asked on 13 January 2009 for proposals for two research projects, both to be returned by 26 February 2009.

The first, Evaluating Long and Short Term Planning under Climate Change Scenarios to Better Assess the Role Of Water Reuse (WRF-08-15), aims to understand better the role of water reclamation and reuse in a changing climate. The end result will be a methodology that utilities can use to determine water reuse needs based on predicted water supply and demand conditions under climate change.

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The second study is Implications of Future Water Supply Dests on Energy Demands (WRF-08-16).

Its object is to quantify the impacts of future water supply portfolio changes on the energy demand. The proposed work will address the impacts of increasing population and water conservation measures on water demand by 2030. The literature review will take a national perspective while the developed tool should quantify this question at a regional scale.

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