WRF seeks membrane virus-removal monitoring proposals

The WateReuse Foundation (WRF) issued a request for proposals for New Techniques for Real-Time Monitoring of Membrane Integrity for Virus Removal (WRF-09-06) on 2 September 2009.

This move is driven by several WateReuse Foundation priority issues, which include lowering costs (capital and operational) of water reuse and desalination processes and enhancing the confidence in the reliability of reuse facilities from the perspective of both regulators and the general public.

The project seeks to develop new instruments or methods that can be used to reliably determine virus removal for compliance purposes, where currently, says WRF, none exist. The foundation will reward two or three proposals in order to explore multiple innovative approaches within a given budget.

The deadline for proposals is 14 October 2009. WRF project manager is Caroline Sherony.

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