The WateReuse Research Foundation (WRF) is seeking preproposals for research funding for water reuse and desalination projects by 7 March 2011.

The total amount of funds approved under WRF’s 2011 Unsolicited Research Program is US$ 350,609 and the foundation anticipates funding between two and four projects with a maximum funding level for any single project of US$ 175,000.

Unsolicited proposals are accepted once per year under a two-step process. The process is designed for maximum return to the Foundation and minimum effort by the proposers. An initial preproposal of no more than four pages in length is first submitted for review and screening.

In the second phase, full proposals are requested for those preproposals judged to have the greatest potential outcome for the water reuse and desalination communities. The number of full proposals requested is approximately twice the number of projects to be awarded.

For more information, visit the Foundation’s Unsolicited Program webpage.