WRA aims outreach workshops at California CII sector

The WateReuse Association is organising outreach workshops in California on commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) water recycling aimed at business owners, plant engineers, utility managers, consultants and other industry experts.

The first is on 23 August 2012 in Wittier; the next will be on 18 October 2012 at the Irvine Ranch Water District. A third in San Jose has yet to be scheduled.

Attendees at these one-day workshops will find out how to maximize recycled water use in cooling and manufacturing, overcome challenges and banish doubts about the value of this important resource. Long used for landscape irrigation, high-quality recycled water is now successfully used throughout the country for a variety of process and internal applications.

The workshops will also allow businesses, utilities and consultants to explore how they can assist each other to improve the reliability of local water supplies.

Along with technical presentations highlighting case studies of successful industrial uses, attendees will hear about the progress made by the California Department of Water Resources’ CII Task Force and its new manual of best management practices for sustainable use of water in the CII sector.