West Basin Municipal Water District in southern California, which is running towards the end of its seawater desalination testing period, is looking to rent out its Ocean Water Desalination Demonstration Facility to manufacturers and other parties interested in making use of its setup.

The facility’s existing equipment, including ultrafiltration (UF) and two-stage reverse osmosis (RO) is available for use, as well as space and ocean feedwater (raw or pretreated) for operation of client-supplied equipment.

The plant, located at Redondo Beach, is capable of a range of flows up to 300 GPM (19 L/s) and is capable of a wide range of testing. This could include:

· Pretreatment (eg, strainers, media filtration, microfiltration, UF and dissolved air flotation
· RO membranes
· Energy efficiency/recovery technologies
· Environmental optimisation strategies.

The facility has research-focused operations and support-services staff capable of generating high quality data in accordance with clients’ test plans.

West Basin is seeking to develop letters of intent for specific test programs until the end of 2014. Would-be users should contact Diane McKinney on +1 310 660 6226 or email [email protected].