WERF seeking research funding pre-proposals by July

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) has invited pre-proposals by 14 July 2011 for funding of up to US$ 530,000 dollars (in total) under its Unsolicited Research Program.

The funding will be for pioneering research that advances our understanding of today’s most pressing water quality issues and provides practical solutions to the challenges facing wastewater and stormwater programs. WERF will also consider proposals that take existing research to the next level of completion.

Proposers have been invited to submit pre-proposals on topics consistent with WERF’s ongoing efforts to advance science and technology addressing water quality issues as they impact water resources, the atmosphere, the land, and quality of life. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, conveyance systems; wastewater treatment; reuse; solids management; condition assessment and infrastructure management; energy efficiency; decentralized collection and treatment systems; risk assessment and communication; watershed management and water quality; and other emerging issues.

WERF’s website at www.werf.org/search has a list of ongoing, completed and planned research, to help proposers avoid duplication.

“WERF’s Unsolicited Research Program, by definition, seeks to leverage the creativity of top researchers in an unrestricted setting toward generating research that will benefit the water environment,” says Terry L Johnson, senior vice president of Black & Veatch. “As researchers recognize the unique challenges of maintaining and sustaining the water environment, they traditionally prepare proposals bringing new perspectives and thought processes which expand the thought process of WERF’s Research Council and staff, thereby adding significant value to the overall WERF research program.”

The call for pre-proposals and complete instructions are available online at www.werf.org/funding. Contact senior program director Amit Pramanik at +1 571 384 2101 or [email protected] for additional information.