WateReuse Foundation moves for recycling standards

The WateReuse Foundation has requested proposals for “Developing Standards/Criteria for Various End Uses of Recycled Water” (WRF-08-01).

The foundation maintains that water reuse practitioners around the world need and want a set of universal standards or criteria on which they can rely when designing a water reuse facility/project. There are currently no US national standards and individual state regulations govern the design of various reuse facilities, although not all states have adopted standards.

For states with standards, they do not necessarily cover all types of reuse applications. The level of stringency of state standards varies from state to state.

The goal of this project is to develop a “white paper” which would assess the rationale and alternatives for developing criteria or standards. The “white paper” is intended to explore alternatives ranging from national regulations to voluntary consensus industry standards, water reuse criteria, or guidelines.

The request for proposals can be viewed at www.watereuse.org.