Water Planet joins forces with Applied Membranes

Water treatment technology firm, Water Planet, and reverse osmosis (RO) systems specialist, Applied Membranes, have formed a strategic alliance to market, sell and service nanofiltration and reverse osmosis based water treatment systems.

The systems are based on Applied Membrane’s RO designs combined with Water Planet’s IntelliFlux flux management controls. Under the deal Water Planet has sold a multi-stage RO- based integrated membrane system to the Kuwait Oil Company to purify brackish groundwater for use in oil production and steam generation.

“This collaboration leverages the strengths of Applied Membranes and Water Planet to deliver a robust water treatment solution to an important customer. Applied Membranes is recognized worldwide for its technical expertise, high quality products, and excellent service, and is an ideal partner for us,” said founder and chief executive officer of Water Planet, Eric Hoek.

” Our companies complement each other, and I’ve enjoyed working with the Water Planet team to combine their membrane technology innovations with our 32 years of experience designing, manufacturing and delivering membrane based water treatment systems,” said founder and chief executive officer of Applied MembranesDr Gil Dhawan.

Applied Membranes manufactures and distributes RO membranes, systems and components and, according to the company, has, in its 32 year in business, more than 10,000 commercial and industrial systems in operation worldwide.

Water Planet developed its proprietary IntelliFlux self-adaptive flux management controls technology “to improve the reliability and affordability of membrane filtration systems in challenging applications.”