VWS buys inge UF modules for oil rig

VWS Westgarth has awarded a contract to BASF subsidiary inge GmbH for 600 dizzer® ultrafiltration (UF) modules for an oil rig.

UK-based Veolia subsidiary VWS Westgarth is inge’s first customer from the oil production industry.

The modules have been ordered for a UF system with a capacity of some 62,000 m³/d. The UF pretreatment stage will deliver fine filtered seawater (0.01 μm) to the sulphate removal package, which will then feed the water-injection pumps.

“We are tremendously proud to see a prominent and prestigious company like VWS Westgarth choosing to put its trust in our technology,” states Bruno Steis, CEO of inge GmbH. “The oil and gas production industry is a strategically important market for us.

“According to one recent forecast by the International Energy Agency, global energy demand – and thus demand for oil and gas – is set to rise by a third by 2035. VWS Westgarth is an important customer to have on our books in this promising market,” he added.