VSEP system commissioned for Quito landfill leachate

Another vibratory shear enhanced process (VSEP) membrane reverse-osmosis (RO) system has been commissioned in South America at a municipal landfill in Quito, Ecuador.

California-based New Logic Research (NLR) announced almost a year ago that it had successfully commissioned a landfill leachate treatment system in Colombia using its membrane separation system.

The RO system takes the landfill leachate in Quito from storage ponds and filters it to create clean water that is recycled and used as irrigation water. While searching for a solution, the El Inga landfill built twenty-one storage ponds to hold the wastewater temporarily.

The water permeating from the system has only about 50 ppm dissolved solids, which is lower than the town drinking water.

According to NLR’s CEO Greg Johnson, “The El Inga landfill struggled for more than eight years trying six different treatment methods for treating the leachate that all failed. During this time, the landfill faced incredible pressure from the local community and spent a great deal of money trying to fix the problem.”

“Now the landfill finally has a working sustainable solution to its leachate management issues,” he continued. “And thanks to our local partner Global Fluids providing support, we’re confident that this system will provide many years of trouble-free service to the citizens of Quito.”