Video download available about Koch UF system

A video about the new hollow-fiber ultrafiltration (UF) system recently introduced by Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) was launched on 21 June 2011.

KMS launched the TARGA II HF system at the American Water Works Association’s 130th Annual Conference & Exposition during 12-16 June in Washington, D.C.

The TARGA II HF system offers a cost-effective, safe, high-quality water solution for a variety of UF applications, from drinking water to seawater pretreatment, industrial water treatment and tertiary wastewater treatment. The membrane element features a robust polyethersulfone (PES) membrane which, combined with optimized cartridge and rack design, results in one of the smallest footprint products on the market. The fibers are ideally suited to meet drinking water requirements and provide 4-log virus removal.

The cornerstone of the TARGA HF system is intelligent process controls to handle variations in water quality and flow with minimal operator intervention, reduced chemical use, and less energy.

The video is available for download from the KMS website.