VA Tech bags Indian power water treatment contract

VA Tech Wabag Limited, based in Chennai, India, has received an order for total water management of the Kakatiya and Rayalaseema thermal power projects under a balance of plants package as part of a consortium with APGENCO. The Wabag portion involves around INR 2900 million (€ 47 million).

The scope of the project includes raw-water pretreatment, a demineralisation plant, the circulating water system, the cooling-water chemical-dosing system, the cooling-water treatment system, the effluent treatment system and a condensate polishing unit for both locations, plus a recycling system for Rayalaseem. The capacities of the power projects are 600 MW each. The project will be implemented in the next 30 months.

Commenting on the development, Rajiv Mittal, managing director of VA Tech Wabag said that “the continuous flow of orders and the orders on hand show good visibility for the company. This also re-establishes the fact that Wabag enjoys a leadership position in total water management, capable of handling complete water systems in a power plant”.