UV treatment firm expands global representatives

Ultraviolet water treatment specialist NeoTech Aqua Solutions has added three companies to its global network of representatives.

The newcomers are India Water, Acqualinea and Environmental Sales Group Inc, which collectively serve 37 countries in the Indian sub-continent, Latin America, South America and the Florida/Caribbean territories.

“We are proud to promote such unique UV technology in our region,” says Milind Kulkarni, managing director of India Water, which represents the NeoTech line in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives. “The fact that NeoTech can reduce operational costs by up to 90% compared to standard UV systems makes their technology valuable in our region.”

Aqualinea represents NeoTech’s product line in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Mexico.

“NeoTech’s remarkably small footprint is a huge advantage for these territories,” says Rick Chacon, Aqualinea’s president. “Any time you can cram 22 MGD (83,000 m³/d) worth of high-tech UV treatment onto an area the size of a pallet, you have something special.”

Environmental Sales Group Inc has signed a representative agreement with NeoTech to service the municipal, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hospital and hospitality markets in the Caribbean and Florida.

“The advantages of NeoTech Aqua’s UV technology are clear,” comments Kim Monroe, ESG’s president. “Their highly reflective patented ReFleX™ technology is 99% efficient compared to only 25% efficiency of standard UV systems. The Florida and Caribbean markets are responding favorably to this technology.”

“This is an exciting next step in our company’s worldwide sales efforts,” stated Stephen Dunham, NeoTech Aqua’s president/CEO.