US government seeks water-reuse projects for funding

The US government’s Bureau of Reclamation on 7 November 2011 invited requests for cost-shared funding for water reclamation and reuse projects under the WaterSmart Title XVI program.

Under the program, a water-reuse project is one that reclaims and reuses municipal, industrial, domestic or agricultural wastewater and naturally impaired ground or surface waters. Reclaimed water can be used for a variety of purposes, such as environmental restoration, fish and wildlife, groundwater recharge, municipal, domestic, industrial, agricultural, power generation or recreation.

In 2011, Reclamation funded 12 projects for US$ 20.1 million through the Title XVI program. In response to feedback received, the agency has updated the application process to ask project sponsors to describe the benefits of the entire authorized project and to communicate funding needs for the next two years.

Proposals must be submitted as indicated on by 17 January 2012. It is anticipated that awards will be made in spring 2012.