US government funding desalination research

Funding for research and laboratory studies, pilot-scale projects and demonstration projects in desalination and water purification is to be made available by the US federal Bureau of Reclamation.

The bureau announced on 25 May 2010 that it anticipated awarding a total of up to US$ 1 million under this funding opportunity made available by the Desalination & Water Purification Research & Development Program.

Through this program, Reclamation is partnering with private industry, universities, water utilities and others to address a broad range of desalting and water purification needs.

The program’s first goal is to augment the supply of usable water in the USA. It is also aiming to understand the environmental impacts of desalination and develop approaches to minimize these impacts relative to other water supply alternatives.

A third goal is to develop approaches to lower the financial costs of desalination to make it an attractive option relative to other alternatives, in locations where traditional sources of water are inadequate.

Eligible applicants include individuals, institutions of higher education, commercial or industrial organizations, private entities, state and local governments, and Indian tribal governments. Foreign entities, other than the United States-Mexico binational research foundations and inter-university research programs established by the two countries, are not eligible for funding.

Reclamation will make up to US$ 150,000 available for each research and laboratory study for a duration of 13 months, US$ 200,000/year for each pilot-scale project for a duration of up to 25 months, and US$ 500,000/year for each demonstration project for a duration of up to 37 months.

The funding opportunity R10SF80251 was posted on 21 May 2010. The deadline for applications is 7 July 2010. It is anticipated that awards will be made in September 2010, with an anticipated project start date on or around 1 October 2010.