The US Bureau of Reclamation announced on 4 May 2012 the selection of seven projects in the Mid-Pacific Region to receive more than US$ 10.6 million in WaterSMART Title XVI water recycling and reuse funding.

Of the seven cost-sharing projects, three are for construction and four are for feasibility studies. Reclamation is providing up to 25% of the funding for the construction projects and up to 50% of the funding for the feasibility studies.

The construction projects are:

North Bay Water Reuse Program, Sonoma County Water Agency: US$ 3.8 million – The program will provide recycled water to agricultural, environmental, industrial and landscape uses in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties in northern California. The program will include upgrades in treatment processes and construction of storage, pipelines and pump station facilities to distribute recycled water.

San Jose Area Water Reclamation and Reuse Program, City of San Jose: US$ 2.5 million – This is a joint effort of local municipalities and water districts, administered by the city of San Jose, to serve recycled water in Santa Clara County. Recycled water is used for multiple purposes, including environmental restoration, urban agriculture, landscape and industry.

Watsonville Area Water Recycling Project, Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency: US$ 4 million – The project is a joint effort by the city of Watsonville and the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency, and is intended to reduce over-drafting of groundwater resources and subsequent seawater intrusion. This project provides 4,000 acre-feet (4.9 million m³) of recycled water per year for irrigation by blending effluent from the City’s wastewater treatment plant it with higher quality water to reduce salinity.

The feasibility studies are:

Groundwater Replenishment Project, Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency: US$ 149,791 – The Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency is investigating the feasibility of the development of a Groundwater Replenishment Project that would produce 6,000 acre-feet (7.4 million m³) annually of potable water from the reclamation and reuse of municipal wastewater and recycling of return agricultural flows from Monterey County.

City of Sacramento Recycled Water Project, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District/Sacramento Power Authority: US$ 75,000 – The district will evaluate the feasibility of replacing up to 4,200 acre-feet (5.2 million m³) annually of surface and groundwater supplies with recycled water for industrial uses and to irrigate parks, school grounds, golf courses and landscaped street medians.

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District/South Sacramento County Agriculture and Habitat Lands Recycled Water Project, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District: US$ 75,000 – The district will evaluate the feasibility of replacing up to 97,000 acre-feet (120 million m³) annually of surface and groundwater supplies with recycled water to irrigate up to 27,000 acres (10,926 ha) of permanent agriculture, habitat mitigation and conservation lands in south Sacramento County.

Water Reuse Expansion, Rancho Murieta Community Services District: US$ 43,209 – The district will identify and evaluate the feasibility of recycled water alternatives and determine the feasibility of expanding the existing water reuse system to provide recycled water to existing and future consumers reducing or eliminating increases in fresh water withdrawals from the Consumes River and disposal of effluents.

A complete description of the Title XVI program and all selected Title XVI projects and feasibility studies is available at: