UN presentation for ERI chiefs

HP Michelet and GG Pique, respectively chairman and president/CEO of Energy Recovery Inc, will deliver a presentation at the United Nations on 14 October 2009 entitled Affordable Desalination As The Sustainable Solution.

The presentation will illustrate the significant impact of the mounting global water crisis and how technology advancements like ERI’s pressure exchanger have established desalination as an economically viable solution.

ERI was invited to present at the UN by NGO Sustainability, which was formed to monitor the UN’s sustainable development activities.

“Delivering fresh water to the world’s population, especially in developing countries, is a major global concern. NGO Sustainability is honored to bring ERI’s innovative technology to the attention of the United Nations Community,” said Roma Stibravy, chairperson of NGO Sustainability. “It is hoped that by showcasing ERI’s invaluable answer to a major world concern, we can look forward to increasing UN development projects dedicated to alleviating and mitigating water challenges through such sustainable solutions.”