UF filters make Chinese breakthrough

One hundred modified ultrafiltration (UF) filters are being delivered by Seccua GmbH of Steingaden, Germany, for domestic urban water supply in China, a first for this company.

Together with a partner company, which sells the filters under its own brand and which Seccua therefore will not name, the modified Seccua X-Spot Pro systems are being delivered to customers throughout China through a network of dealers and plumbers into residential homes (villas and apartments) to remove pathogens, color and turbidity from pipe-corrosion and turbidity).

Optionally, Seccua’s partner company, which originates in Austria, sells the filters with a multimedia-GAC combination (a product they make) as a pretreatment to Seccua’s UF, to also remove dissolved organics (endocrines, antibiotics) from the city water supplied to homes. Lower driving pressures accomodate low line pressures in many cases.

The system can deliver up to 2,000 liters of hygienically fresh drinking water per hour and is very compact. It is therefore suitable for installation in the more confined spaces found in Asian apartments and houses.

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