Truby to direct NanoH2O’s global sales

Membrane veteran Randy Truby, who formerly looked after global marketing and sales at Toray Membrane USA, has joined NanoH2O Inc as director of global sales.

Truby’s experience in the desalination industry dates back to General Atomics, widely recognized as the first premier company in the membrane desalination industry. He has been instrumental in facilitating the industry’s growth, as it progressed from the first generation of cellulose-acetate spiral-wound membranes to thin-film polyamide membranes to NanoH2O’s development of nanocomposite membranes.

Throughout the evolution of the membrane industry, Truby has held a number of key leadership positions including CEO of Fluid Systems, vice president of operations at Hydranautics and, most recently, CEO of Toray Membranes USA.

“I am honored and excited to join the NanoH2O team,” said Truby. “After witnessing the potential of thin-film nanocomposite technology, I believe NanoH2O’s membrane offers the desalination industry the next step-function in membrane performance. The combination of enhanced flow and best-in-class salt rejection offers customers unique opportunities to lower their energy consumption, increase water production or lower capital costs by reducing a plant’s footprint. With the company’s significant investment in commercial manufacturing capacity, NanoH2O is poised to be a leading participant in the industry.”