Trials success for PureSafe emergency desalination system

Emergency-water desalination systems made by PureSafe Water Systems Inc of Plainview, USA, have completed the first two of a series of extended field trials.

The trials used ocean water to test the desalination capability, one of the most rigorous tasks of the treatment train, which can produce up to 30,000 GPD (4,719 L/h) of drinkable water from a variety of sources using reverse osmosis.

The trials were completed over two separate weeks and involved 24 h operation under the system’s own power source. Laboratory tests on samples collected showed that the purified seawater met or exceeded EPA Primary and Secondary Drinking Water standards.

“99% removal of sea salts and the elimination of E Coli and coliform bacteria from the source water are just two of the many successes we achieved during these trials,” said Rod Stoehr, PureSafe’s chief operating officer.

“The results from the field trials in combination with the Gold Seal certification testing done with the Water Quality Association validates our treatment train on a variety of contaminants and shows that our system is capable of purifying water from any source, on a continuous basis, in remote locations” said Leslie Kessler, CEO.