Tri-national desalination course held in Tel Aviv

A five-day desalination course jointly organized by the Jordan, Israel and Palestinian water authorities, in partnership with the Middle East Desalination Research Center, was held in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 30 October – 4 November 2011.

The course, developed and run by ADAN Technical & Economic Services Ltd for management level professionals, was tailored to the following subjects: planning, decision-making and oversight of the initiation, development, tendering, contracting, construction and operation and maintenance of seawater and brackish-water desalination plants.

Emphasis was placed on the fundamentals of desalination processes and technologies, the key design, operation and maintenance parameters and requirements of full-scale plants based on these processes and technologies, their significance and implications to the plants’ owners and managers, and the main potential issues, concerns and constraints involved in executing state or water utility sponsored desalination projects. Special attention was given to lessons learned.

The objective of the MEDRC Tri-lateral Capacity Building Program in desalination and water reuse was to run a multi-year training program to address capacity building needs in these technical fields. For more information, contact [email protected].