Toray wins large RO orders in Bahrain and Spain

Toray Industries Inc announced on 24 December 2009 that it had won a series of orders to supply reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for desalination plants in Bahrain and Spain.

The plants are Al Dur (218,000m³/d) in Bahrain, and Campo de Dalias (98,600 m³/d) in Spain.

The Al Dur seawater desalination portion of the Al-Dur Independent Water & Power Producer project (power generation capacity of 1,234 MW) is the largest project of its kind in Bahrain. It is being built under a 20-year contract between GDF Suez SA of France and the Electricity & Water Authority of Bahrain. Suez subsidiary Degrémont won the order to build the plant.

This is the first time that Toray has supplied a large-scale desalination plant in Bahrain. The Al Dur plant, second only to the recently announced Magtaa seawater desalination plant in Algeria in terms of size, is the biggest in the Middle East using Toray membranes. Startup is expected in 2011.

Campo de Dalias is located in Almeria, southern Spain, for which the consortium UTE, consisting of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Iberica, Veolia Agua, Sando Construcciones, Inypsa and Montajes Electricos Crescencio Perez, have signed a 15-year DBO (design, build and operate) contract. Toray has supplied RO membranes to a number of seawater desalination plants in Spain, but this project is the biggest ever.