The International Water Association has announced a conference on nanotechnology in the water sector to take place in Switzerland on 15‑18 May 2011.

The Nano & Water 2011 conference will focus on the latest and innovative achievements of nanotechnology beneficial to the water sector, including wastewater and drinking treatment as well as the related infrastructures.

The topics of the conference include:

  • Nanosorbents

  • Nanocatalysts
Bio and redox – active NP
  • Dendritic polymers/Biopolymers
  • Polyfunctional membranes
  • Sensors/Monitoring Systems
  • The venue will be the Centro Stefano Franscini, the conference centre of ETH Zurich, located at Monte Verità in the lake town of Ascona in southern Switzerland.

    Further information will be available from the IWA website.