SWCC signs renewable energy agreement with KACARE

Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) signed an agreement on 3 October 2013 with the King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy (KACARE) to study and develop uses of atomic and renewable energy (solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal and wind) in water desalination.

KACARE’s search for sustainable energy resources for the electricity sector has coincided with SWCC’s need for cheaper energy to drive its desalination plants.

The following day, SWCC’s governor, Dr Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim, met an eight‑man German delegation in the photovoltaic and water desalination sectors.

He told the Germans that SWCC was planning to use renewable energy sources such as the PV solar energy and concentrated solar panels. The governor reiterated that, with the cooperation of King Abdullah City for Science & Technology, SWCC’s plant in Khafji would produce 30,000 m³/d using photovoltaic energy and reverse osmosis.