The most interesting exhibit at the recent American Membrane Technology Association convention in Florida was probably on the ROPV stand. The Chinese company launched the Super Vessel pressure-vessel, which will be pilot tested in the USA in the coming months and marketed globally by Enceladus Water Group.

This innovative pressure-vessel design enables the use of up to 56 pieces of standard 8 in diameter membranes in a single module. The Super Vessel is made up of seven 8 in diameter inner vessels, each capable of holding up to eight pieces of standard 8 in x 40 in membranes, within a ~25-in outer pressure-vessel.

The 300 psi (21 bar) model is the one to be pilot tested shortly, while the seawater version is under development and expected to be pilot tested near the end of 2008.

The Super Vessel will deliver lower overall system cost through reduced system footprint, physical plant size, and system piping requirements compared with standard 8 in vessels. No special loading/unloading devices are required.

Each inner vessel has a separate permeate port connection at each end plate. This allows for independent sampling valve connections and probing capabilities.

The Super Vessel is manufactured under license by Harbin ROPV Industry Development Center in China. Enceladus Water is the exclusive distributor for ROPV’s full-line of 8 in pressure vessels, as well as being ROPV’s global projects manager.

“We are excited about the initial response from the launch and look forward to working closely with the group we identified for the pilot testing.” said John Larmon, Enceladus Water’s Vice President for Sales & Marketing. “This is one of a number of innovative products we will launch in the coming months.”

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