STW joins HFEIS developer to target power/desalination

STW Resources Holding Corp of Texas, USA, announced on 18 September 2013 a mutual strategic relationship with Colorado‑based Tat‑Tech Inc to remediate oil-sands waste, brackish groundwater and seawater via the construction and operation of proprietary systems developed by Tat‑Tech.

STW Resources is now building a demonstration unit to perform pilot tests for customers.

Tat-Tech’s High Frequency Electro Induction System uses elemental frequencies that result in the production of electricity for onsite consumption, with the excess generation converted into AC power and transmitted via power line infrastructure to end‑consumers. Simultaneously, the system processes saline laden waters to recover fresh water that meets potable standards.

Each containerized cell has the capability to process approximately 1 million gallons (3,785 m³) of influent, with an average 80% recovery of fresh water and generation of 1 MW of electricity or approximately 24,000 kWh/d.

“I have observed the efficacy of this technology when Tat‑Tech processed some seawater in its lab system,” STW CEO Stanley Weiner said. “We had the effluent tested at a certified third‑party laboratory and the resulting analyses confirmed that the process works. With the ability to process salt water into potable water and the extra benefit of producing electricity, this technology will have worldwide implications.”

“STW is implementing a marketing plan to commercialize this technology,” said Lee Maddox, STW chief operating officer, “We are also in discussions with potential industry partners to co‑develop the technology for various applications internationally.”