STW fires up Salttech reclamation demonstration in US

US water reclamation company STW Resources has started operation of a Salttech zero liquid discharge water reclamation system demonstration in Fort Stockton, Texas.

In the licensing agreement between the companies, Netherlands-based Salttech has provided its dynamic vapour recovery unit for demonstrations throughout the US.

The demonstration includes a mobile unit capable of processing and reclaiming variations of contaminated water chemistries ranging from reject from Fort Stockton’s reverse osmosis plant with a total dissolved solids (TDS) effluent at 11,800 mg/l and water from a local salt water disposal well site that has oil and gas produced and flowback water with TDS at greater than 134,000 mg/l.

Saltech claims its technology will have a major impact on desalination of seawater in almost doubling the recovery of fresh water to more than 95% with no discharge and no consumables requiring disposal.

STW’s business plan calls for the deployment and build-out of multiple sites for oil and gas customers and provide water reclamation services for a per barrel fee. STW has commitments for the installation of Salttech systems to provide water-processing services. And STW is working with industrial, state and municipal customers to apply the Salttech technology.

President of STW Water, Alan Murphy, said the Saltech system would “propel STW to become the leader in new technology water treatment”.