STS Apliclor to open new Madrid office

Barcelona-based Severn Trent Services – Apliclor, a leading supplier of water and wastewater solutions in Spain, has announced a range of strategic initiatives to expand the scope and geographic range of its business.

Severn Trent Services acquired Apliclor, which will celebrate its centenary in 2011, in September 2009, and will open a new office in Madrid to further develop relationships in the municipal water sector and will also invest in additions to its sales force. The new office and expanded sales force, coupled with the modernisation of the company’s chemical production area and the introduction of innovative products, such as Tetra® wastewater filters, will reinforce the company’s commitment to Spain as one of its most important European markets.

STS Apliclor has won a number of large contract awards, including an order for the largest electrochlorination plant in Spain. More than 35% of these contracts involved projects outside of Spain. This business growth has included solutions delivered to meet increasing demand from Southern Europe, the Near East and North Africa.

According to Rick Bacon, named general manager for the company in May, “North Africa, the Near East, Australia and South America, in particular, represent key areas of business opportunity. Our global experience and our ability to integrate our full line of water and wastewater treatment solutions is a natural pairing with Spanish construction companies expanding business outside the region.”