Stover leaves Oasys for Desalitech

Energy Recovery Inc (ERI) old boy Dr Richard Stover has joined Tel Aviv-based Desalitech, a company with a desalination process that does away with energy-recovery devices.

Stover, as executive vice president, will lead the company’s business development, product launch and commercialization efforts.

Stover left ERI, where he was chief technical officer, in January 2010, to join Oasys Water Inc, developer of Engineered Osmosis™ systems for desalination, energy and resource recovery, as vice president of engineering.

Desalitech’s patented Closed-Circuit Desalination™ (CCD™) technology (see D&WR August/September 2010) claims to reduce desalination costs by more than 20%. With its proprietary hydrostatic process at the core of a water treatment system, CCD technology lowers the average pressure required for reverse osmosis and provides other advantages, achieving significant operating cost and capital cost savings.