SS regulators for high flows

The new 7375 and 7376 stainless steel pressure regulators from Cat Pumps, which can be used in seawater reverse-osmosis desalination, are designed to meet the demands of industrial applications for continuous-duty, dependable performance.

These high-flow regulators set system pressure, by-pass unused liquid without interrupting system operation and protect pumps from exceeding a set system pressure.

The new pressure regulators can be used with a variety of liquids including fresh water, seawater, clean oils, oilfield wastewater and chemicals. They are a perfect complement to Cat’s 60 frame models (6775, 6771 and 6777) or for multiple pump systems.

Regulator performances are:
7375 – 10-75 gpm – 100-1,000 psi

– (38-284 L/min) (7-70 bar)

7376 – 10-75 gpm – 500-2,000 psi

– (38-284 L/min) (35-140 bar)

These regulators feature the same conical piston/seat design used in Cat’s 5-35 gpm (19-132 L/min) family of pressure regulators. The conical design lowers the minimum required by-pass flow from 10% to 5%, which permits optimum system output while providing more consistent pressure control.

Compared with traditional poppet-style regulators, the conical shape virtually eliminates cavitation effects as the high-pressure liquid is expanded across the piston and seat significantly extending service life.

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