South Australia looks at 2050 arid-land water balance

The South Australian (SA) state government is assessing sustainable water supplies for its arid regions up to 2050 and will complete The South Australian Arid Lands Demand & Supply Statement by December 2012.

The SA Department for Water executive director – policy and strategy, Julia Grant, said on 24 August 2012 that information on the future demand and supply of water in the region would be used to guide planning for the timing and nature of future demand management or water supply options.

The review will consider all water resources for drinking and non-drinking purposes, the current and projected future demands, and the likely timing of any possible demand-supply imbalance.

“The state government will continue to monitor water supply and demands in the SA Arid Lands region through an annual review of the demand and supply statement,” said Grant. “If demand is projected to exceed supply, the state government will establish an independent planning process five years prior to the projected date so that demand management or water supply options to address the shortfall can be assessed.”